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November 02, 2008


barnea levi sealvan


I have followed your blog for years so it is a pleasure to have something to contribute.

I am a codirector of Foundation Stone which has undertaken to develop the site.

This story is even more exciting than what has appeared. There are details warranting scientific review and consideration that have not made it into the press, because the main issues of a fortified city in this region scientifically dated to 3000 years ago, and the writing on the ostracon, overshadow everything else. Although scholarly articles about the site identification have begun to appear, standing there gives you a completely different sense of the issues.

Dr. Misgav is constantly working on the ostracon using a variety of hi-tech methods and painstakingly conisdering the options of each letter. A significant percentage of the letters, written in ink made of animal fat an charcoal, cannot be seen by the naked eye. Think of a crossword puzzle with key letters missing or confusing. This will still take time.

We plan to conserve and restore the first gate in the spring so the public can walk though it.

We are inviting participation in the dig during the main season from June 22 to August 7. Hebrew U credit is offered for 3 week stints.

We have posted a nice promo on our website for the development project of Elah Fortress, whose scientific name is Khirbet Qeiyafa, which means beautiful ruin.


Barnea Levi Selavan

barnea levi selavan

The website is www.elahfortess.com
In different sections of the site there are explanations of details and helpful images.

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