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January 30, 2009


Anders Branderud

Mark DeVries,

I would like to comment regarding 'the Jesus Project'. Here is a interesting quote:

"While some archeologists are scholarly, there are also a great number of contra-scholarly academics who, whenever it contradicts their set-in-concrete positions, evade and dismiss irrefutable scientific evidence contributed by impeccable scientists (like Prof. Andrey Feuerverger and Prof. Wolfgang Krumbein), even when corroborated by the findings of a court of law (which found the charges of forgery of the Yaaqov ossuary baseless).

These contra-scholarly academics, secular Jews in concert with Christians, are committed to maintaining the status quo of Christian Hellenist perceptions, which date no earlier than Paul, to the exclusion and contradiction of documented history: the Judaic context demonstrated, inter alia, by Prof. Elisha Qimron in his work on Dead Sea Scroll 4Q MMT.

From at least the 4th century C.E., the world has accepted the Church’s definition of Jesus as their divine Son of God displacing the Torah with himself as “grace,” as described in the Christian NT. Thus, Jesus is intractably anti-Torah (antinomian) and contradictory to documented history: the Judaic context, which defines the historical Jew as a Torah-teaching (pro-Torah) Pharisee Ribi: Yehoshua. Playing games with these names changes neither character any more than switching the names of a rose and an onion would change the characteristics of either. Jesus is the intractably contradictory polar opposite of Ribi Yehoshua. Thus, the very phrase “Historical Jesus” is an intractable oxymoron and any quest for it is predefined to fail.

If there are any real scholars in this field, let them acknowledge the historically-documented Judaic context that defines and constrains the very real, historical Jew who was a Torah-teaching Pharisee Ribi — and let that, instead of Paul and post-135 C.E. Hellenist Roman fabrications, mold their conclusions about him and his teachings.

Instead of looking for the oxymoronic “Historical Jesus,” start looking, for the first time, for “Historical Ribi Yehoshua.” You can start your search, and find an enormous amount of information, at http://www.netzarim.co.il.

Paqid Yirmeyahu (member of Mensa)
Paqid 16, The Netzarim, Ra’anana, Israel
Israeli Orthodox Jew (Teimani Baladi Dardai)
Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority
Welcoming Jews & non-Jews

Derek Rishmawy

The Jesus Project is interesting-sounding at the very least. I have to admit I am skeptical that much will come of it. I'd have to see the panel of scholars and I'd want to know their methodological and philosophical presuppositions up-front. Hopefully this won't be the sensationalistic trash most of the Jesus Seminar came out with, but I can already imagine the headlines and story once the "Center for 'Scientific' Study of Religion" publishes a report that contradicts orthodox positions.

Oh well. Then we'll just get another Wright book punking them...and that's always fun.

Account Deleted

I must have a wrong email address. I sent it to an old ooze address I have. Would love to chat, catch up and I have a question. If you get time, email me at doc.todd@gmail.com. This is your Soularize condo friend, Todd.


Does anyone know if the Jesus Project is meant to be a continuation of the "Third Quest" or is it an attempt to begin a Fourth quest?

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