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March 12, 2009


Sutapa Biswas

Hello..I found your article very informative and personally gave me something to read about and learn.I have written an article on Romanticism and Realism as two different classification of literature.I would really appreciate if you could take some time out to read my article and comment on it.



My guess is that I Enoch was apocrophal in nature. Also, although it had a long tradition in some circles, it did not have a great tradition in earlier circles. You are more knowlegable on this than most, but I would suspect that I Enoch might have been eliminated from the canon in Jamnia.

Wes Ellis

Great questions indeed. It's also important to note that, unless I am mistaken, the book of 1 Enoch is still a canonical text in Ethiopia (check me on that one).

I have gotten by fine so far thinking of Enoch as extra-canonical but at the same time able to shed the light of insight onto particular passages. The fact that Jude thought of it as "scripture" (and I am confident that the author of Jude did indeed think of it this way) is not such a problem for me, though it's quite important, because the authors didn't canonize the Bible, the church did.

With that said, I have three points: I think we should be familiar with Enoch, we should be ok with some level of ambiguity concerning inspiration, and we should give some authority to tradition in guiding our conclusions concerning canonization.

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