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June 13, 2009


Brad Thayer

I guess this thinking can relieve a lot of stress from the church. Moving it from the 'hub of community' to a more realistic view of the 'instigator of community'.

Rustin Smith

Hey Mike - thanks for the link! I remember the Bahamas fondly. What a great group of people. Peace to you!

Derek Rishmawy

Hey Mike, you got to check out the new Dallas Willard book. I just got it. Its pretty good so far. He does some actually philosophy in this one. I'm really interested in what the reaction is going to be to it in certain wings of the emerging conversation. He's basically throwing down the gauntlet for "knowledge" or "knowing" in a very un-pomo sense of the term. Not in a heavily modern, rationalistic sense, but still in an objective sense with propositions and the whole shebang.

Anyways, thought you'd be interested.

By the way, how the Wright book coming for you? Pretty good huh?


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