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October 24, 2009



You are missing nothing ... well stated ... it is one thing to say what you believe and quite another to live it out ... hope the church can marry the two but i have my doubts ... when you go to city counsel for help you may have lost the path already in my opinion ... but then again it does get media attention and may draw more tithing respectable christians to his church doors, isn't that what it's really all about? ... whoops did i just say that ... jaded as i am ... i will stop now ;)


Schoch, you are awesome. Sure miss hanging out together. Blessings, my friend!




One of our volunteers caught an adult this morning smoking pot in our prayer chapel.
I know the individual caught, he struggles with alcoholism as well as manic-depression. He's been on the manic phase recently, and a month ago I asked him to take over setting up coffee every week, (he has served faithfully for a month now).

The volunteer who caught him, a police officer, was pissed. He felt that it was unsafe to have this person in the same vicinity as children.

I informed one of our elders who stated that our church is for the sick. He went and found the "culprit," told him that he was loved, and told him next time to go for a walk on our field instead of using the prayer chapel which is close to childrens' classrooms.

It was a great response. Getting upset at the guy seemed like getting mad at someone with AIDS bleeding at a hospital.


. . . it's kind of sad really. You'd think they would take the time to address this with a bit more prayer and creativity, not run to the city council. They did do the "safe" thing though. Good business move(good initiative). Poor Kingdom action(poor judgement).

Derek Rishmawy

I dunno man. I'm torn on it. I do think these are exactly the people that Jesus would be reaching out to, creatively. I mean, these are the kids that I like talking to at high school group and at school when I substitute.(Maybe every time the kids come to party, send a couple people to hang out with them to try and talk to them about Jesus, hold a Bible study, etc.) At the same time, some concern is normal. I mean, parents do get concerned about what's around their kids. Its normal. I'm sure if a porn shop opened up down the street and all the people frequenting it came to the parking lot to "read/enjoy" their material, a lot of you would get uncomfortable walking your kids through the lot to go to Sunday School. And I'm sure a lot of people who need to hear the Gospel would too. For a lot of people, kids partying/smoking/whatever in the parking lot is the same kind of thing. That pastor's got more than one group to be concerned with. Those kids, the people under his care, other people coming to the church, etc. I agree, the City Council might not have been the best move. (Maybe going before the Pot shop opened up would have been better.) But, I'm gonna be slow to attribute a crass economic motives. I'm just not in his position. And neither is anybody else on this blog.

(Ryan- Incidentally, the earlier porn-around-your-kid principle might be at work with your church brother, the cop, who was uncomfortable with a guy smoking weed in the same building his kids go to church in. I loved most of your pastor's response. He's right, the Church is for the sick and your friend with struggles needs forgiveness, grace, love and to be in that church. But, I'm not sure pointing out a better place to smoke his weed was the best practical advice to give. Maybe, "next time you feel the need, go ahead and call me and I'll come be with you through the hard time." Just some thoughts.)


I completely agree Derek..very nicely put.
Were not promoting the sinful lifestyle, but what are ways Jesus really would help the situation, not allow it to continue?
And I do agree, the body of Christ is here for the sick and hurting.

Brian Cooper

I think the pastor saw an opportunity to take a stab at medicinal marijuana and the students are the victims. The whole article seems designed to show how disruptive medicinal marijuana users can be. To bad. Another example of a church playing politics and ministry opps being missed.

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