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October 21, 2009



Amen! Positive action beats mere opposition.
Yet our positive actions must necessarily lead us to oppose that which undermines those positives. When we stand for God, we also stand against that which is against God. To stand for justice is also to stand against injustice. So then positive action in any respect necessarily includes negative action against the corresponding anti-positive.
Even if one does not knowingly oppose anybody else, one always opposes another by merely doing anything. By merely being righteous, one is opposing sin; by merely starting up an emerging church, one is opposing non-emerging churches and challenging them to change. Action should be done with love towards God and fellow men and in a fundamentally positive way, but opposition is intrinsic in all positive action.


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Washington D.C Climate Change Conference.
Humanity's Leap to The Golden Era:

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International Speakers will share new data on climate change, the current global food and water crises, the cause of global pandemics and innovative solutions. Be a part of this historic event to restore the planet's health. (Age 12+)

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Sunday November 08, 2009, 2pm-7pm

Grand Hyatt Washington. 1000 H Street, Washington, DC 20001

12 Noon: Climate Change and Golden Era Art Exhibit opens

12:30 PM: Conference Registration opens

1:45 PM: Conference Seating

2:00 PM: Live Conference begins

7:00 PM: Entertainment and Complementary Grand Buffet

Arla Sexton

Bravo, for today more and more are finding that they have let religion happen to them and not within them...I have found that just Pauls simple theme Christ Crucified when it became a reality in my inner being opened up the scriptures gave new hope and understanding of the love within us from creation. Advent has been awesome these past two years as I have filled it with thanksgiving for the first advent and anticipation of the second...that anticipation fills my heart with love and peace towards all...Its a long journey when you seek the love you where created in : in the inner person of your being...but well worth the trip...For knowing how close he draws gives new hope and understanding....As long as you have the love of Jesus Christ in your heart you are the new church no matter what church you attend for true love through Christ happens within and sets an example to others!

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