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June 03, 2005



Thanks for that post! As i'm learning more about the emerging conversation i'm liking it even more. I like how the document said:

"we have repeatedly affirmed, contrary to what some have said, that there is no single
theologian or spokesperson for the emergent conversation. We each speak for ourselves and are
not official representatives of anyone else, nor do we necessarily endorse everything said or
written by one another"

Thats great to hear because there's too many people saying, "I believe this because my denomination/pastor said it". I hate being put into a little box, so the emergent conversation is pretty awesome to be reading about because it seems like it's just about open and honest communication and not a list of what 'we' believe, rather talking about what each 'I' believes and has experienced. I think in my own journey of faith i've taken things for granted, so this has definately opened my eyes to things personally. Although i've always been in a church with real people and non-judgemental people, what i've been reading on this blog and other sites has made me really search more and made me realise theres so much more to God and faith than I ever imagined, pretty awesome!!!

I have a question for you Mike or anyone else, i'm thinking of getting some of McLaren's books, I just don't know which one to get first, i'm on a tight budget so I have to only pick one for now, any suggestions?


Mike DeVries

Hey Kirsty! Thanks for the comments. Always a delight to hear from ya! I'd go with either A New Kind of Christian, or with A Generous Orthodoxy. ANKOC is the first book in a three book series, so if you go that route, get ready to explore all three books, as each book is unique and a great read. Let me know what you decided and be sure to swing by and share some thoughts from whatever you read.

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