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June 05, 2005



Amen to that!!!

This world can only be changed and improved if we all start putting others before ourselves and loving on each other unconditionally. Our perspective needs to change from "what can I get out of this" to "how can I help others to see God's grace?' The only "good" answer to this question, is to live a life that shows it. A life that leaves no room for others to think we're preaching one message, but living out a completely different one.

Rick llis

Mikey awesome post! I remember when we talked about this topic in the past, I am glad that you are still wrestling with it! Funny, I got to preach yesterday (I know weird!!) and in my message I described who Jesus was (is). That He came to preach a message of Heaven on earth, TODAY!. It was from our awesome discussions about this very topic, thanks buddy!

Here is my problem. Even though I firmly believe this statement about what Jesus preached, I still offered a prayer of salvation. I would love to wrestle with you on that subject. God's grace is such an awesome gift but I do not think we (I) have a true understanding of the topic. Is that where hope comes from?

I think I need to get the legalism kicked out of me.


Awesome post! I have been thinking recently about the word 'salvation' and how it is almost an event for people. I hear a lot of people say "this is when I got saved, when did you get saved?" I don't think salvation is one moment in time. The way salvation is presented is almost like you have arrived at your destination you are saved so your life should automatically change. I also hear people say in testimonies that they have found God, which is true but it almost limits God, he is so awesome and beyond comprehension, so how can a human being say that in one decision they made they found God?

Now the reason I don't like hearing 'I found God' is that for some people it means they stop looking, they just settle into christianity, church life with a limited view of God, but i've been finding that very boring. If God is omnipresent, omnipotent, far beyond our comprehension then I wanna dig more and more into Him, and find out more. I wanna feel about God like alcoholics feel or drug addicts feel when they need a fix, I wanna thirst for God more and more and not just settle for my limited experience of Him.

Now I think in this sort of searching for God and in really grasping Jesus and His teachings, thats how Christians can be effective in this world.


P.S. Mike just wondering do you use your south county united email?, as I wanted to email you with some questions for ideas I have for my church.

Mike DeVries

I think you're on to something, Kristy. Keep searching and thinking! Yeah, I'm still using the South County United email address. Looking forward to interacting over some thoughts... Email me when you can.

Brad Thayer

Dude I dig it.
We have preached a message about dying too long, which is great if you are dying tonight. But what if you live? (Your old joke that falls flat each time!).
In my mind the reason why so many people leave the church is because they find out that it is built upon people who are sitting and waiting for something. When they get sick of waiting they leave and find something bigger to be a part of.
One thing you have taught me is that a follower of Christ is someone who is about saving the world, bringing it back to what God intended it to be. I believe that this concept that 'saved my faith' and solved my frustration.
See ya when I get back.
I am in Hawaii, you aren't HA HA!!


Hey Mike-
Hope all is well in So. Cal.
After reading your post, I began to think about a book I read in grad school (okay, I read most it, just not all of it...)that I think you might really enjoy. Its called "The Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism" by Max Weber. Weber is a sociologist who was fasicnated by the protestant work ethic that he saw in America and how its affected their view of salvation, faith...etc.
By the way, have you read any of George Marsden's work on Evangelicalism. If not, they are really worth your time. He provides an indepth look at the history of evangelicalism in America. Even though his work is primarily written for an academic audience, it helped me wrestle through some of my own thoughts on evangelical rhetoric.

Keep writing! Like always, you're making me think.


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