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June 20, 2005



Mike -

This has nothing to do with the gathering part 2, I just wanted to get in touch with you and see how you are! We have lost touch again! Rebecca and I are coming out in Early August, we would love to see you guys!
Love ya! Denise


Well said and timely (for me). Thanks.


I love the quote that you pulled from the book. When we gather as a church, we don't all have to appear to have it all together. We infact are all different and that is what makes the body of Christ so powerful. Christ brings peace and comfort to all. He doesn't limit his compassion and mercy only to those he likes, which people in the church tend to do now a days.


What would that creed be?


I love the quote. It puts into words an idea that has recently been on my heart. I hope I got at this a little bit in my recent post "church."

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