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June 18, 2005


mike vanderkwaak

yes, embracing, understanding, concern for others. have you listened to rob's work on col 1 in his message "wholeness"? -mvk

mike erre

Mike, I am sorry to hear of the difficulty of the last 8 months...if you ever want to hang, email me...


Hmm...looks like yet another book to add to my wishlist...


all I can say is that my heart and soul literally yearned to traverse through cyberspace and shout with you: YES, YES---this is where I am in my walk with Christ! This is my sentiment to our stewardship of His Bride!

and I don't know what to do next. i'm on "sabbatical" from seminary, becoming bored with church because I know that God is bigger than how we choose to worship Him in a communal way...and feeling stuck because I cannot see an immediate answer to my frustration. I wait and pray and read and wrestle and find other like minds...but wonder-- should I move and act...but am waiting for myself to feel confirmation that the timing is right.

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