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June 03, 2005



I don't think Ghandi could be considered a follower of Christ. People may choose to live "Christly", but I believe the end resolution lies with whatever source the "good person" states as their inspiration or energy/life source, as long as that person has heard the Gospel of Christ and has openly denied His power, opting for another energy/life source. But, if the "good person" has never heard the Gospel of Christ, then I believe their actions, not beliefs, are judged by God. Lewis spoke of people who had believed in goodness, faith, forgiveness, grace, and sacrifice, though they knew not who they served; in constrast, had they known whom they should have been serving as well, and chose to serve another, then their blood would be on their hands.


Interesting that you bring this topic up Mike. Alex and I were just talking about this exact situation. We were discussing how someone who has never heard about Christ might actually be living more of a life like Christ would have and in that situation, where would they go on the day of judgement? We had a long discussion and came to the conclusion that it's fun to debate these types of situations, but ultimately only God knows the true answer.

But this being said, I think you raise a valid point that should cause us to reflect and reevaluate how it is we live our lives.

wes ellis

This is an awesome post, in april I posted something after alot of thinking on the subject. http://whateverisgood.blogspot.com/2005/04/journey.html

I believe the essential components of following Christ are not found in dogmatic decisions, intellectual conclusions, or confessed beliefs. They are things that cannot be said, things that are rooted in the very depths of human emotion. Can we say that Gandhi did not posses a relationship with God in this sense? No, not unless our relationship is purely academic in nature. Truth is we cannot judge Gandhi's salvation. I believe that much more judgement can be made about the "fruit" a man produces than the confessions of his lips. check out Matthew 15.

If our Journey leads toward Jesus Christ then that is where we are destined.


Jesus did not say "be good" he said "follow me." Most folks, including myself, who claim to be Jesus-followers don't follow Jesus. They follow some sugar-coated westernized version of what they have been indoctrined to believe is following Jesus. The only was we are going to "KNOW" Jesus is to walk where Jesus walked, most Christians I know don't have the guts to walk where Jesus walked, including me.

I imagine the Dali Lama and Ghandi are much to cloer to what Jesus desired than most of what we see in America on Sunday.

Mike DeVries

I agree. I think we have gotten ourselves a little off ther track with an "easy believism". I also think we've reduced the gospel to a transactional reality, that is merely in place to get our butt out of hell and into heaven. Thus we have lost the sense of followership and Kingdom. Jesus never calls people to believe several statements about himself and then pray a prayer. He invites people to follow him - to live the way he lived, empowered by his Spirit. He invites us to experiecen life the way it was meant to be lived, ther way our creator wired us to live. Jesus is about redeeming and restoring all of creation, not just humanity. All of his creation is being reconciled in him. Check out the post Recovering the B for some more thoughts.


These are all nice thoughts and posts. And golly, I sure would love to see Ghandi and ol' Dali up in heaven. I'd like to see everyone up there. But, if they rejected Jesus, not as a good person, but as deity, where all love and power come from in the first place, and they acknoweldge another type of force or engery or god, then where does that leave them, according to scripture? As far as I know, both Ghandi and Dali believed Jesus to be a nice guy and good teacher, which is what they thought/think of themselves. If that's all it takes, then by all means, let me know and I'll stop the whole reverence thing when it comes to worshiping God.

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