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June 11, 2005



some of my friends think that I read the scriptures with too much "present ramification." And that I read it through nothing but a "kingdom of heaven" lense.

I don't consider myself to be as they think I am but I cannot help but observe that ever conversation I have about scripture ends up talking about the restoration of our broken world or the Kingdom of God's establishment.

do you think thats more a sign that I'm being narrow minded or more that I am simply passionate about the subject, and that scripture is drenched in it?


Mike, you alluded to this in the last large paragraph concerning community establishments and the lens in which they read scripture, and I think it is ironic, as you were saying, that people are anti-small community groups. Would you not agree that most of the New Testament churches were small community groups of believers, located in different cities all around the known world?
Didn't most sects of Christianity start out with a small group of dicident believers, wanting to be radical or be more effective in the world, so that more would hear the gospel? Mega Churches themselves started small! It is the attitude of those involved of churches of large size or denominations of large sizes that feel only this: if not's broke, don't fix it.

Unfortnately, tons of things are breaking underneath the foundation and most Christians are looking up, toward heaven, wondering when they will be saved from this terrible earth.


In my opinion eternity is really important, because I mean its forever, but then we have the whole of eternity to live it out, we only have 70 or 80 or even fewer years to live on earth. So I think we need to acknowledge our eternity but not LIVE in it.

I love this quote by Mother Theresa;
"Yesterday has gone, tomorrow has not yet come, we have only today, let us begin"

How do we live in the present like a true follower of Jesus and bring the issue of eternity to people I really don't know. I mean what Jesus did for us was partly for our eternity so i don't think we should ignore it either, but there is definately an imbalance and we sometimes treat Jesus like a 'ticket out of hell'.

I've been reading the Lord's prayer a lot recently and wondering what exactly it means 'Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as in heaven'. Sometimes life feels so far from what this should look like!


I have a thought...come to camp buddy, I've got four pounds of starbucks with your name on it.

mike vanderkwaak

mike, thanks for the thoughts from Sanders. i like your first point of reading scriputure to see how to obey them and who should obey them. it's about life change.

us westerners read to find out what we can pass on, what we can teach, we believe that information changes us. western thought says that inform the head and the heart will follow. if we can give people the right info, hopefully the heart will follow.

the eastern idea, in my limited understanding, suggests that you speak to the heart and the head will follow.

i wonder if we consider what Sanders says and maybe it could be change our behavior the heart and head may both follow. i don't fully think this is true, cause it may lead to moralism and denial.

thanks for bringing Sanders work to you blog!

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