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June 24, 2005



Thanks for posting those words, Mike. I wish I could have written down everything he said, but you hit the ones that were most meaningful for me as a student/teacher/worshipper/follower/leader. Thanks again! See you soon, Mikey!


I ordered the CDs of his seminar at YS last fall, and it sounds like much of the content was similar. Definitely worth ordering if you haven't heard it already...


Thanks Mike!

Thursday night I was about ready to jump in the car and drive out to Cali to attend this event but it is a bit of a drive from Colorado. :) Maybe next time I can go to kinkos, sit in a sound proof booth, and you can put a little TV/video camera in a seat so that I can "attend".

I love the thought of ruminating on messages before you give them, having them be a part of you, passonately part of you, and not just a list of "how to's".

Man, people would start to see Christ though us if we had that authentic passon for the things that God cares about and could convey them.

Thanks Mike!

mike vanderkwaak

mike, thanks for the play by play. did anyone mp3 the session?

wes ellis

did they make an audio recording of yesterdays thing. I want one! My notes just weren't good enough.

Mojo Turbo

Rob Bell is so great....



That's great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

Bill Butterfield

I read your comments about the destructive nature of some preaching! I agree wholeheartedly! I have been preaching for more than 40 years and many of those years accomplished very litte in my estimation. Only in recent years has time been given to let a sermon "cook" for awhile before serving it to the church and community. I did find one comment rather perplexing. You said that teaching was connecting real people in real places to us! Isn't that a misguided bit of information? Are we not to be connecting real people in real places to a real God? I know that there is a tendency for our hearers to attach to us, but at the same time, shouldn't we be making every effort to detach ourselves and attach them to God? I hope this is not read as a negative criticism, but as a positive observation! Thanks!

Mike DeVries

Bill, appreciate your thoughts and for sharing them. I wanted to respond to the comment you mentioned [and by the way, I didn't take it as a negative criticism at all]. What Rob was getting at was that we need to make sure that we rememeber that the Scripture were written to real people, in real places, in real times. With that being the case, teaching is about taking the Scriptures and connecting them to ourselves and those we are teaching - real people, in real places, in real times. It is that process that the Scriptures do for us what they were intended to do for their original audience - help us wrestle with what it means to be a follower of Jesus in our current context. Hope that clarifies the thought for you. Thanks again!

Milton Stanley

Thanks for sharing these ideas. I wrote about them and linked to this post at my preaching blog today. Peace.

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