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June 15, 2005



Perhaps at the heart of Christian postmodern philosophy should be a doctrine of acceptance.

For example within Christianity I many who would never even consider looking beyond their own denomination, and among those who would they often wouldn't consider going beyond their own traditional sphere (e.g. charismatic, mainline protestant) A person who believes God created the earth, but He took millions of years to do it wouldn't be accepted in most of the churches I've been to, but why? Is God's method of creation a salvation issue? A pastor friend of mine once said, “avoidance is the subtle language of hate.” Are we masking our hatred through a thin veil of doctrinal segregation? I believe we should be more accepting of other Christians.

A second example is about those outside of Christianity. Homosexuals are treated like lepers by most Christians. The question is relationship not approval. We have made such uncompromising stances on “gay marriage” and had such hateful rhetoric I sometimes wonder if we will ever be able to earn enough forgiveness to be allowed to speak into the lives of homosexuals again. Shouldn't we seek to have the attitude of Christ instead of the Pharisees? I believe we should be more accepting of those outside the church.

After reading and struggling with most Christian postmodern works I find myself changing less doctrine and more practice.(or relationship??) I'm not saying that none of my doctrinal beliefs have changed, but most are merely the same brand of ice cream in a different flavor. I find myself having a more "generous" (as Brian McLaren puts it) stance about what I believe, why, and how it effects my actions toward others. For example I still believe in Hell, but know for sure that I don't know who's going there and that its not really my business to decide. This can have a profound effect on how you consider and treat others. This change of attitude coupled with slight changes in actual doctrine and accompanied by huge changes in action/relationships is what becoming more postmodern has become for me. Am I not going far enough with this? Just a few thoughts and questions off the top of my head.(and then spell checked ;))

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