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July 25, 2005



You might already be familiar with him, but Ray Vander Laan's website -- http://www.followtherabbid.com -- would also be a good addition to the list. I've been working my way through some of the audio files he has available and they are excellent.

{I was just about to hit the Post button, and I noticed the link to Follow the Rabbi almost right next to it in the left column! Oh well...I'll post this anyway, because it might be useful to someone else.}

alan hirsch

I find that Heschel's God in Search of Man to be the best introduction to the philosphy of Judaism and very accesable to Christians. His Spiritual Granduer and Moral Audacity is also worth its weight in diamonds. You *have* to include just about ALL of Martin Buber's works, espeically his stuff on Hasidism. Not just the Tales of the Hasiidim, but also The Origin and Meaning of Hasidism, Hasidism and Modern Man, and On Judaism. They are nothing short of brilliant and are genuiley original.

I have tried to translate some of these ideas into Christian worldview in The Shaping of Things to Come, section 3.

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