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July 27, 2005


Chris Pritchett

Thanks for the reading list! I ordered the Jewish Bible and commentary and I can't wait to dig in. I actually happened to come accross Marcus Borg's book today at Boarder's randomly and it looked interesting so I purchased it. So far I'm loving it!! I'm always up for great reading recommendations.

Scot McKnight

I'm not quite sure how you could include Borg in on this list of those who see the Church challenging the Empire? He operates with a very strong sense of pluralism instead of anything like a challenge to the Empire.


In Search of Paul, by Crossan and Reed also looks like it explores this subject, though I haven't had a chance to read it myself yet.

For anyone looking for Christ and the Caesars, I recommend you regularly watch it on Bookfinder.com. I got my copy, and have seen a few others, come and go for under $50.

Wes Ellis

"In search of Paul" is on my list, our Church is doing a Bible study going through it. I have reservations about some of the things being said in the study, I really want to read the book. What do you think of it?

Mike DeVries

Wes, I'd read the book. Yeah, there may be conclusions that you disagree with, but that's okay. As a reader you need to be discerning and thoughtful, as well as not shying away from authors or topics. I'm a firm believer that all truth is God's truth, as well as realizing that if all I'm reading are things that are of one position, I'm limiting the voice of God. You may not agree with all of Crossan and Reed's conclusions, but they do have something to offer us as followers of Jesus to consider. In an effort to re-imagine and re-think what following Jesus means, we need to explore different points of view and perception. So dive in and enjoy!

Mike DeVries

John... thanks for the reminder. That's how I got my copy as well. Unfortunately, I paid almost $100 for mine. Bummer.

For those of you wanting to look for a copy of Christ and Caesers, here are a few online book searches that might help...

Eric Wakeling

Mike - where have you been? I need your blog.

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