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August 22, 2005



Glad you had a great time!!! I'm so jealous that you're getting to go to so many concerts this summer. :)


Ok, Mike, so I can't read the article because you have to sign in and I don't subscribe. That bites. Well, that was a freakin' amazing concert and it was such a blast to meet up with you and Jamie (Your wife is amazing, btw). Ok, and this has nothing to do with Coldplay, but do you know you are all over the freakin' internet? I don't know if thats cool or scary. PS... you piqued our interest... we bought velvet elvis.

Eric Wakeling

ben wener is a weiner and my pics are better

Mike DeVries

Yeah, Wener is a tough critic. I can't think of too many shows he raves about. I guess his "good" is everyone else's "great". But what a job though, huh?!? Getting to take in shows and then wax eloquently about what you think... and get paid for it! Where's the justice!

Oh, and by the way, your pics are way better!

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