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August 11, 2005



Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I know I can speak for the both of us, this echoes in our hearts... an added thought. How much time can you have for studying the word as a family if you spend so much time studying it solo? My kids are too young to have 'quiet times' but if we spend time daily as a family, discussing the meaning behind the bible stories, my kids will grow to understand them (not just know them), and will be learning important things about Gods character.


you might be interested in an interview i did with rob. you can check it out on my blog link.

Chris Kamalski


I'm a great friend of Mike Cleary's and Kyle Kalma, plus a bunch of other people that you know....I've deeply appreciated (and haved been challenged) by your thinking and voice these past few months...keep pushing deeper into Jesus...I would definitely be interested in some sort of learning community...I'm a chaplain/bible teacher at a high school in Fullerton, studying at the new ISF program at Biola, and want to grow deep in understanding the Kingdom of God...please keep me informed of your ideas on this "project."

email: ckamalski@hotmail.com


Chris Kamalski

Mark Thrash

I'm in San Clemente and would love to do something like that. I just read the first two chapters tonight and was really challenged, I also just finished "A Generous Orthodoxy" where Mclaren talks about a lot of the same things. Let me know what develops, thanks


im just waiting on this book from amazon so dont wanna read your post and spoil it...........il come back though!!

Eric Wakeling

That sounds great. If time permits, I'm in. Email me at ewakeling@calvarylife.org

I don't know what your current email is.


This has been on my mind alot since I read velvet elvis. I have had several conversations with people and the response is always a little strange. People from where I'm from usually see more value in reading scripture alone than with somebody. You think they're missing out? I do.

Tony Myles

I agree with this...


what if the reason we have the Bible in the way we do now is to extract more from it personally?

For instance, salvation used to be communal... through the line of Abraham and so on.

And yet when Jesus came that all got turned upside down and it became personal.

Perhaps Scripture is the same paradigm? Thoughts?

Chris Pritchett

I'm in!!! I've been longing for this for a long time now. We'll talk tonight.

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