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September 11, 2005



Visiting SCU tonight for the first time tonight was truely a refreshing experience. Jesse, Wes, Ashley and I snuck in during the music but did not go unnoticed. We were beautifully accosted by the whole church with much love- it was awesome=).
For someone used to very clique-y church situations, it was so wonderful to sit and chat after the service with people I had never met before as well as old friends.
I'm hoping that perhaps the four of us can continue to come in efforts to continue on and to grow in the small community that the four of us have fostered.
So I guess I want to stretch out a thank you to the people of SCU, for this is truely something I would like to be a part of.

The SCU community will be in my prayers.

~the Biola girl

Mike DeVries

Janette... thanks for making it last night. It was great having you four be a part of the SCU community. I'm also hoping to see more of you guys. You bring an amazing dynamic to who SCU is.


Tony Myles

Congrats, Mike! Get down on it!


Right on Mike and Jaime!!! We love you and are soooooo excited to have you officially on board. :) Also, Mike, I have to say that you had this confidence after that announcement, and you really brought it home with the freedom that your new pastorship brought. We are so excited to partner with you guys and can't wait to see where God is leading SCU day by day by day!! Oh, and Janette, it was nice to meet you and I hope we see more of you too!


Very excited for you guys. Still want to hook up with you guys and grab dinner. We have so much to catch up on. We're so happy for you and glad that you've found a home again!!!

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