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September 08, 2005


Rhett Smith

thanks for the tag...I enjoy your stuff a lot. funny. one of my friends who knows you. i think from lake hume or something. told me last week. you have to meet Mike. you guys are a lot a like. talk the same. etc. so hopefully we can catch up someday and chat.



Mike DeVries

Yeah, we do have a mutual friend... the Roodman!

Rhett Smith

That is true...everyone knows Lars.

Mike Morrell

If you were to ask me about quality 'blogs, I would direct you to these.

PS: I'm adding yours here.


Hey guys- I've find a new role in life. I am a matchmaker. Recently I have taken on the role of connecting friends who need to know each other. I think Mike and Rhett should share a breakfast Burrito at Pipes together. I get to be there too and just listen. Pick a day and a time.

mike vanderkwaak

geeez mike, you got me stuck, i hardly have any deep friends :-) by the way, i went to mars hill tonight, our bro needs some love.

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