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September 07, 2005


Brad Thayer

It's disturbing. But I think disturbing is an understatement, but the only word that I can think of at this time. Do I think more should have been done? Absolutley. Do I think that the government dropped the ball? Yes.
But one thing I don't agree with is that it is a race issue. Kanye West's comments on NBC that Bush hates black people, Lisa Ling with Oprah saying that, "if it were an afluent community things would have been different". I don't buy it. Today on the radio the host was saying that the President fell asleep at the switch. I don't buy that either. Was Bush slow to respond? Perhaps. But he can't move until the state government asks him to. He had to call and ask to be asked, if that makes sense.
I believe that things could have been done diferently. The levies could have been retrofitted to handle this type of storm. The Governor and Mayor could have done more to evacuate. The Police force went AWOL. But to soley blame one man because he's white? That's absurd.
I think that we as Americans always look for someone to blame before we do anything else. On 9.11 the first question, "who did it?" The London Bombings first question, "who did it?" and with this, Who's at fault. Rather shouldn't we be asking what we can do, instead of asking who is to answer for it all?
The other aspect that bugs me is that God sent this as a judgement. Great, that kind of mindset is all we need at this time.
Just a thought.


Thats so sad:( Even though i'm not an american, my prayers are with everyone affected by this.

For anyone who is interested, did you hear what Celine Dion had to say last week on Larry King Live, here's a video link. All I have to say is 'Amen'. Something she said was so true "How come when there is a war all these planes can be sent out to destroy lives but when americans need help where are they?"



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