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November 21, 2005


Friar Tuck

Yeah....and herein lies the flaw of conservatism by definition. It is about preserving tradition and consolidating power. And why is that so bad? Because it never moves forward, never grows, never takes new ground for the kingdom.

The religious right looks more and more like the grumpy old man on Saturday Night Live.

wes ellis


Why do people have to do things like this. It's so frustrating for me.

Mike DeVries

Yeah, I know how you feel. Remember this though. Jamie and I were talking about some of out personal frustrations with the conservative, fundamentalistic, evangelical church and we had to remind ourselves of this...

It's not about being critical, or rejecting that expression and mindset of church, but it's about redeeming it, restoring it to what it was meant to be.

It would be easy to walk away in frustration, but I don't think that it what we are called to do. We are called to love the church and to redeem it to be what she has always been called to do... be the new community, putting the risen Jesus on display for all to see.

David Morrison

Hey Mike,

I heard you speak in Mexico this past summer, and you gave a message about to 4 cups and what they represented. The reason that I am writing is because I tryed to explain the 4 cups to a friend of mine, but their was one problem, I didn't remember the full explanation myself. I found myself convicted that I shouldn't be speaking when I don't know exactly what it is that I am talking about, so could please write me back and further explain it to me once again, and this time I'll take notes. Also, what book did you read to learn about it?

Thanks for all you do,

David Morrison


I know exactly what this feels like. Last year I was at my girlfriends church and this is what her pastor said:

"When people say to me 'happy holidays," I say to them, 'JESUS is the reason for the season.'"

What a great way to turn people off to Jesus. I found it ironic that the way that Falwell wants to deal with things is to set up lawsuits, has he not read the "Sermon on the Mount?"


Good reflection here, Mike. One of my favorite all-time quotes comes from Oswald Chambers. He said "God grants us discernment not that we criticize, but that we intercede."

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