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February 09, 2006



Wow, thanks for making us aware of this news, Mike. I for one was stirred up by the Jabez book several years ago - at least at first. At the time, I was being really hesitant to move on my dream of training youth workers in Europe. God used at least part of the message of Wilkinson's book to help me see that he is bigger than my fears, doubts and feelings of inadequacy.

Now, on the other side of 2 1/2 years of youth ministry in England, I'm realizing that God's plans for me had a lot more to do with deepening my character than "enlarging my borders" through repetition of some mantra. I'm convinced that God's greater desire is to sharpen me and make me fit to be used for HIS plans through involvement with his missionary people. Maybe my "borders" will be "enlarged" (whatever the heck that means). Maybe not. Whatever the case, my satisfaction is in aligning myself with how HE is at work in the world.

No more reading our ancient texts through the lens of American-style consumerism for this pilgrim.

Clint Walker

This whole story just grieves me.

I try not to judge cause I could have done the same thing myself, but to bring to the table so much hope and potential only to pick up your stuff and go home when you do not get what you want?

It is just sad. Maybe Saddleback will pick up where he left off.

Mike DeVries

I have the same feeling. Even though I was not a big supporter of The Prayer of Jabez type of thinking, I was encouraged that something was being done. Action was being taken. When I first read about Wilkinson pulling out of Africa [here via Christianity Today], I was saddened. It just seemed to reek of "Americanized Christianity" - that if it was not "successful" immediately, then God was leading us somewhere else. All I could think of was the faces of the African people asking "Why"?

What do we tell them? Really.


if we are going to actually make an impact in africa, i would think we have to shed our western thinking and empty ourselves of the approach that WE want put into action. Let's mix it up, actually get to know the people we are wanting to help and meet them where they are at rather than trying to build them a theme park they don't need. i wonder if he actually sought out some advice from experienced aid workers in the region he was hoping to affect because it might have saved him a little time and effort. if he wanted to build a jesus theme park, florida would be a much better fit.

Tony Myles

Seems like John the Baptist would say "Amen" to that.


Let's be careful. Remember..."A critic is someone who never actually goes to the battle, yet who afterwards comes out shooting the wounded."

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