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February 25, 2006


melissa klaeb

mike, so glad to have had you on the trip. as much as the high schoolers were challanged i was challeneged as well. i had a great time hanging out, and i really appreciate the flexibility of your teaching style, and your willingness to make it more of a discussion than just you up there (although that would've been fine too)! i look forward to seeing you sometime soon, hopefully!

Lars Rood

Talk about an intense mountain. Picture the Rood clan all on the chairlift riding up to the lodge, 8 month old baby, back packs, 3 year old Kaije and 5 year old Soren. It was a crazy time back in January. I'm glad you guys had fun. mmmmm...... I Need a breakfast burrito. You name the day and the time and I will buy..........

Chris Pritchett

Dude, your family was such a gift to us that weekend. Thanks for sharing your family, your insights, and your time with us.


June Mountain's the best. Actually, when I was about Josh's age, I learned to ski at June. I have fond memories of that mountain...its a great place for families.
Say hi to Jamie for me. Hope that you and the family are doing well.

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