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February 15, 2006


Clint Walker

Ok I read the Colson article. I disagree with him but I think what he says has some merit.

I think Marva Dawn does a better job of making the "neil postman" point with contemporary worship than he does. But there is a certain sense in which this whole consumer church mentality has to stop.

Nevertheless, I think he betrayed his bias at the end. He was frustrated that people found schmaltzy Christian music (I rarely if ever listen to Christian radio) more compelling than his diatribe that all of Christianity is based on "revealed propositional truth statements"

In otherwords, he feels his teaching and ministry is more important. He is wrong, because he is honestly in the twilight of his Christian relevancy, but I can understand how he feels.

Now I will read the other posts.

Clint Walker

Ok read the second article.

A little dense for a quick blog read--so I might come back to this later.

I think I think a lot differently about the church...and resonate with a lot of the stuff there, but not sure I would put myself in the emergent box.

I like thinking about how to do church in a more authentic manner. I think sometimes I feel like there is just a lot of fluff and power games involved in the whole thing too

Clint Walker

i liked bob's post the best.


Oh wow! Chuck Colson has struck something in me. Maybe because I am a musician and worship leader? I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong but it seemed as though he was calling out worship through music as irrelevant. I'm not sure I can agree with that. I do agree that many churches have moved to a model of entertainment. That, I believe is not what church is about. I agree with Zach that the song "Draw Me Close to You" is not my favorite but I also agree with Zach's point that it's not because of the lyrical content. I also don't think that worship music was ever intended to be a lesson nor is it to hold up theological ideas or even moral ideas. Worship and and worship music is an expression of love even adoration. Music in it's self is spiritual. It's a moment in the supernatural if you will. Add a response of worship to that.......well, it can be explosive. And again it's not some great revelation, worship music that is. It's just an expression of the spirit. I don't see why we have to muddy it up with someone's bitter response to a song they don't like!

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