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February 12, 2006


Clint Walker

Trible came in to speak to our seminary when I was doing my MDIV. She is brilliant. Though, at times I think she overanaylyzes and overthinks things.

Her voice is helpful though.


Hey Mike!

Wow seems like ages since I posted here. I like this post a lot, kinda reminds me of that one you wrote about "limping". I like how you put it "not something to master but something to be mastered by", I'm seeing that process every day, but it is really hard at times, just limping along trying to make sense of everything.

Hope you're doing well.


Rhett Smith

awesome post...I just purchased the other day "texts of terror" and "God and the rhetoric of sexuality." This was really influenced by my professor Ray Anderson at Fuller (whose new book on an Emerging Theology for an Emerging Church which is coming out in June), who talks about her concept of adam (earth creature) in Gen. 2, and how adam becomes male (ish) only when he is in the relationship of female (ishah). Fascinating stuff.

Tony Myles

Maybe Jacob didn't limp away. When we wrestle with God he helps us to see and live as He does. To a world of limpers that think they're walking straight, maybe a man walking straight looks like he's limping.

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