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July 09, 2006



I tried to get tickets for this here...but it was sold out by the time I heard it was coming


Too bad you couldn't put my name in hypertext huh?


the sacramento show was great. there was about 15 of us that came up from the bay area. most have never seen him and loved it. glad to hear pomona was great too.

i'm assuming he made the comment about the cats?

Mike DeVries

Yeah, you know what I think already. The blog world needs a healthy dose of the Dudley. Don't make me have to call you out!

Mike DeVries

Jon - yes, in fact he did make the comment about the cats. He told us not to spread that too far as he will have people picketing the tour with "Rob hates cats" signs. Glad to hear that your experience in Sac-town was good. The night that we were in Pomona NOOMA was there filming the entire thing - so I think we might see something in DVD form in the near future.

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