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July 27, 2006


Derek Rishmawy

That's fantastic! I have to tell you, the thing that that idea reminds me of was when I kind of went through a spiritual reboost about a year and a half ago. I had just come out of a really bad, dry time and I had just started coming back into things. I went to the Burning Hearts Conference at Rock Harbor and served at it and something just lit up within me. So, after that I was really jazzed for a while and I started reading Christian books. Enter Dallas Willard. I picked up "The Divine Conspiracy" and seriously, it was like a whole 'nother world opened up. The Reality of the Kingdom of Heaven. It blew my mind. I remember that after reading the chapter about the "God-bathed world" that Jesus knew, I started to look at trees differently. It's exactly like you said. It's as if I discovered a whole different layer to our world that was sitting there the whole time to be discovered. The Reality of the Kingdom of Heaven, that while it might not be seen directly, is in so many ways so much more real than the perceived world. All the colors are brighter, the emotions are stronger, and everything is just more real.

I think that this is a huge part of the disconnect in conversations about faith between Christians and non-Christians. A Christian who has been "immersed in the Trinitarian reality" of the kingdom is actually living, in a sense, from another dimension of reality. It's like a sixth sense has been added that doesn't quite translate to the original five. The trick is, like Jesus, finding interesting stories and new ways of closing the gap.

Anyways, sorry for babbling, it's just that the whole concept is fantastic. It's just that this side of the Christian life is something that I really just didn't hear up until a couple of years ago and so it's still new and exciting to me.

Rhett Smith

we just talked about this book in my Narrative Life and Family class yesterday...so I go up and start talking about Rob Bell to the professors on break...just had to mention that.

Tony Myles

Bell is paraphrasing C.S. Lewis' illustration of a piece of paper (as is this book). Except Rob has hipper glasses, or something like that, so it sounds cooler.


you are so smart...I want to be you when I grow up!


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