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July 02, 2006


Derek Rishmawy

I've noticed a lot of the same things myself in regards to expository preaching. I have to say, one of the greatest joys of my life has been being exposed to a style of teaching over the last 2 years that shows the Bible to be one huge story with many over-arching themes. I love the fact that you can trace the same story and same themes all the way from Genesis to Revelations. The fact the The Gospels are intimately related to Leviticus and the rest of the Torah. My favorite messages are those that start out in Genesis 1-3 and show some huge insight into the Creation order and then traces how that was redeemed in Christ. I like book studies, but there is a way of taking a book and raping it by tearing each verse to shreds and sucking it dry. That was kind of graphic, but I've listened to messages that feel like that.

Anyways, thanks for the post.


have you read preaching re-imagined by doug pagitt? if not, then i highly recommend it. jon


I find the second comment very compelling at the bottom of your post..

strangely, even though I am a little bit of a rebel at heart, I am still attached to my teaching professor's method of form-sensitive preaching...

which comes close to expository in that it is not topical--but argues for more exegetical than expository--both in feeling and mood as well as content


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