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September 27, 2006




brittany brechwald

Hey Mike! Jess & I were at the show last night too! Sad that we didn't run into each other, it would've been cool. Seeing John live is the catalyst for knowing that he isn't just a pop artist...his blues side is way better.


So how was it? More More More

Joosung Kwon

Weird i was there up on the lawn.. wasnt a huge mayer fan myself. He captured my heart tho.. did anyone else think it was weird that he refered to us as LA?


Not impressed by his guitar, are you insane?! His first two albums have some of the most complicated complex arrangements in timing and modes. The production is flawless. The TRY album was good, but mostly feel stuff, there are a thousand guys in Louisiana that can play like that, but not many who can re-create the musicianship of his studio work. Sorry


Scott... I can see where you are coming from. Perhaps I need to clarify what I was thinking a little bit more.

I definitely appreciated the guitar work on the first two discs, yet my take was that his ability, while present, was not showcased to it's fullest extent on those discs. It was overtaken too often by what Mayer himself calls music that was "too sensitive". In fact, he even begged his record company not to release Daughters as a single, because he "saw it as career death." The direction his music was heading was why he took a year plus off to "get myself on track." Mayer even admitted that his earlier stuff was way too influenced by others and not true to himself [from the video that accompanied the iTunes version of Try], calling his latest stuff "anti-Daughters" and "anti-Wonderland".

While I appreciate what you're saying, but be carefuly in selling Mayer short. I don't think there are a thousand guys in Louisiana who could pull off some of what is on Try and Continuum [especially the Hendrix cover Bold as Love, which I was way dissapointed that he didn't do live.] There are very few people who can channel Hendrix the way Mayer did.

All that being said, Mayer was amazing live. Even better than he is on disc, which was my main point. What we get on disc is just a teaser for what you get live. There definitely is a reason why B.B. King, Eric Clapton, and Buddy Guy all say he is one of the best today.

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