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September 06, 2006



bro, i so relate... i want to move forward and seize my calling sorta speak, and I'm still looking back asking myself what went wrong with Sacred.

when I started sacred, I never thought I would stop sacred, so when we did, I had to deal with that harsh reality. and that is a real lonely experience. some days i'm totally down in the dumps (hello i'm 33 and doing nothing with my life), other days i feel like i can conquer the world. so, i can relate with your thoughts.

thanks for being honest and open.

Ryan Sharp

I heard Kotler interviewed on NPR about 2 months ago. Great interview. Amazing stuff about the (I think) right occipital lobe of the brain where we experience 'oneness with something greater' and how they've studied it in cases where certain people post-stroke sometimes cannot distinguish between themselves and, say, where the couch that they are sitting on begins. Amazing stuff...and how this is a similar chemistry to the nuns feeling one with Jesus or Buddhists feeling one with all.

Really cool to have new language to help us understand the way we relate to the Ultimate and all of creation.

Derek Rishmawy

Sounds pretty interesting. I've been wanting to go off and start a discipline of silence and solitude for the past month and a half but just haven't been able to. My sleep has been sketchy and there are times when I just seem to be slipping. That whole rhythm thing seems to click. Thanks for writing this.

Hey, do you want to get together soon?

Mike DeVries

Ryan - Yeah, the book totally gets into the research and findings about the right vs. left occipital lobe. I know there will be some people who write it all off as an attempt to "get rid of God" or deduce religious/mystical experience to a mere genetic thing, but for me it was the exact opposite. I left the book thinking, "We are fearfully and wonderfully made. God is amazing." It left me more in awe of God and how we have been hardwired for oneness with our Creator.

I'm with you. Good to see new intersection of faith and science, as well as new langauge and ideas. Where there once was only "either/or", there is now a "both/and" kind of thinking.

Hope all is well in SF. Sure miss you guys!

Rhett Smith

dude... great post. very intriguing. I have been thinking about this issue a lot, but for me it has been in my marathon training... I have been finding this rhythm and peace that I don't experience in other places or times... something about the physical exercise and the rhythm... etc... anyways... i'm done rambling, but great post. I think I will have to pick the book up.


great post bro...I'm heading to the islands next week...I know that you have given me something that I'll be looking for as well...

love ya,


Golf can be kind of like that for me. I escape to another world... and when I come back this world seems a little clearer.

Lars Rood

Mike- I bought the book yesterday and haven't been able to put it down yet. What I like the most so far is that it is written in the Blue Like Jazz narrative style that seems to drip with honesty and realism. I think that a lot of us resonate with that genre and find that the way it typically presents "truth" is a way that is refreshing.

Another great author you may not have read who isn't a believer is Daniel Duane. He's written several books over the past 10 years that have been some of my favorite reads. "Caught Inside: A surfers year on the california coast" and "Lighting out: a Vision of California and the mountains." These books gave me the freedom to question what I believed and taught me that it was ok to not have it all figured out.

Ok so let's have some Pipes. E-mail me all your contact info. I don't have any.

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