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September 11, 2006


B. Cooper

Hey bro,

How's it going? Taking any classes this semester? Hey, I just wanted to comment that the Shane Claiborne book has been on that shelf for a while ;) I'd love to hear your input on it. That book for solidified my stance on war. Great book on current social issues and our Christian response. Have a raging day!

Caitlin Kludt

Can I just tell you that I quote some of the things that you said in the Alumni track at YLI almost everyday? I never even knew what theology was until I was in the class with you and the things that you said. It has allowed me to wrestle so much with God's Word and with other people's words as well. Like right now I'm taking a series of social science classes and some of the ideas that people have are totally bizarre, but I know its good to hear those and then wrestle with them and how they coincide with the truths of the Bible.

I hope you never doubt whether or not you challenge those you teach, because you do in the most amazing way. All thanks to God. You have shown me a different level of living with my Jesus. I even have trouble introducing theology to my traditional parents. But I know personally, it allows me to try and understand better, or at least spend that time with Jesus.

Caitlin Kludt
Gilroy, Ca


just saying hi and seeing how you're doing....I miss your teaching friend! We move in November to Virginia....we'd love to reconnect and see you before we leave.

Tony Myles

To me this boils down to a prayer that asks God, "May my ministry never be larger than the size of my soul."


Well said, Tony. Well said.


O where o where did our little mike go?


Tony great thought, reminds me of something i heard dave chappelle tell Oprah...that one of the main reasons he skipped out finishing season 3 was because, "success had taken him places where character could not sustain him."


Fear not, good Friar. I have returned...

Ryan Smith

Mike, I would love to pick your brain a bit about Horsley and Myer's books on Mark. Read them both and am curious about the differences between the two. I imagine that the two books were assigned to you, and that perhaps there was a class dialogue that shed some light on their differences of opinions. It is especially interesting to me that Myers doesn't comment very much on the North vs. South antagonism that Horsley seems to spend a great deal of time on.

Drop me a line asap.


Ryan... I'll email you soon. Horsley's and Myer's books weren't assigned through class. They're stuff I'm reading for a series of teachings through the book of Mark slated for the first of the year.

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