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September 08, 2006


Derek Rishmawy

Ok, so this totally reminds me of Lewis and this theme he writes about called the Cosmic Dance. I forget which works it's in but he talks about the eternal dance that goes on in the universe within the Creator and between the Creator and His creation.

Sorry. I've noticed that somehow I can usually relate something cool to something I've read in Lewis. That man was inspired.


It also reminds me of one of Rob Bell's Nooma's, entitled Rhythm (funnily enough).

Mike DeVries

I loved Rhythm [definitely one of my favorites in the NOOMA series]. Every time I see it, I see and hear something new. It definitely launched this "rhythm" kind of thinking in my mind. For those who have not seen it - it's brilliant.


I am too musically illiterate to get the whole song thing.

I guess I think of rhythm in more of a sense of poetry or sports or something...
I get it the music thing with the NOOMA video, but it doesnt seem to touch me the same way it touches you.

Mike DeVries

What about dancing? [Although I look quite rhythmically challenged].

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