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May 07, 2007



I've been chewing on that myself a lot lately. I just read Jurgen Moltmann's "The Crucified God", (a genius read by the way, especially when it comes to discussing a Trinitarian theology of the Cross), and at the end of the book he had an entire chapter dedicated to a political theology of liberation. I dunno. I read Wright's reconstruction of Jesus and Moltmann and some of these guys and there was definitely some politics going on in his ministry, but I don't see the "overthrow" of Rome in the normal sense or anything more than the upside-down subversive tactics of the Kingdom. The "serving under" that Boyd talks about.

I dunno man, oppression and dehumanizing totalitarian regimes suck, but...I really don't know.

Also, I live in the US. I'm not sure that I'm even in the place to judge adequately. Bonhoeffer thought killing was absolutely wrong and yet when he was thrust into the situation of Nazi brutality, he tried to blow Hitler up. How much does our perspective as privileged Americans who've never had to suffer under these regimes affect how we see the Gospel?

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