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February 12, 2008


Derek Rishmawy

Mike, I know you really like Obama, (and you know, out of all the candidates, I like him personally the best too), and don't take this the wrong way, but, as someone I know to be deeply committed to Jesus, does any of the rhetoric about Obama kinda scare you in the slightest? I mean, there seems to be an almost messianic tinge to the campaign, the promises, and the expectations of a lot of supporters that seem to be bordering on idolatry. I dunno, there are great men and women in history both Christian and Non-Christian whom God uses in some powerful and liberating ways and who knows, Obama could be one of them, but it seems like some of the things that are getting said in this campaign about Obama are only appropriate of one man: Jesus. I'm not saying that you're doing this, but, I'm just wondering what you're thoughts on some of the other wings of the movement are.

Forgive me if this came out wrong. I'm just growing increasingly sceptical of the claims made by the political system, on both sides of the aisle, and this presidential primary is just kind of getting to me as a Christian. I kind of detoxxed myself of politics for a few years and threw myself into theology and now that I'm coming back, a lot of is just kind of creeping and grossing me out.


No offense taken. I personally have not heard the "messianic" thing. I do think that he is saying something that it tapping into people's desires and hopes. One thing you can surely say for Obama, he has brought an excitement and energy to the election... something I cannot say for any other candidate to this point. Case in point, Obama's speech and rally vs. McCain's subdued speech and "rally" last night.

I also have to say that the knock that Obama is "eloquent, but lacks substance" is quite misguided. If you listened to his speech last night, he presented more specifics than either Clinton or McCain, both of which looked tired and sounded more trite [in my opinion].

The question for Obama is what you mentioned. Will he be able to deliver on what he is saying. I think the reality is that none of the candidates can deliver on their own. The reality is that the entire politcal process needs to move forward in bringing solutions. I think this is where Obama has a distinct advantage over Clinton, he is more of a unifying force, while she appears to be more divisive in nature.

Just a thought. Thanks for your thoughts, as always...

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