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March 06, 2008



i'd be interested in this


I will join you


Sweet. Anyone else interested?

Derek Rishmawy

What I'd like to do is read both sides. I honestly haven't read a good defense of a Christian Just War theory. I've read a bit on non-violence and I want to read more but I have to say that I'd like to read both sides just cause most of the new stuff is written by Academics, and Academics, whom I love and appreciate and read a lot, tend to be more liberal and so more likely to subscribe to some kind of pacifism or something. That and a bunch of the younger guys are either some kind of non-violent or gung-ho militarists and I don't think that those are the only two positions. Also, I see in myself the tendency to drift on some things if all I do is read people who all think the same way or all repeat the same arguments without hearing the better arguments from the other side.

Do you know what some of the better books on Just War theory are?


I found the IVP Four Views series helpful on the subject:

Derek Rishmawy

Thanks A lot FT! I'll go check that out!

Brad Clark

I just ordered it from the library. That's been my question for a while... what about the WWII? Gandhi (at least in the movie) makes an interesting statement about it. He doesn't say its possible or not, just that it would be long and difficult...
thanks for finding this book.


As soon as the book arrives, I'll put together a reading/discussion schedule for us. Looking forward to the conversation...

Brad Thayer

I'm in.

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