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March 04, 2008


Derek Rishmawy

I don't know why this person wouldn't rather just believe the historico-critical mythic version.

What's funny is that this is another wonderful example of: "Well, it couldn't possibly be a miracle, so, lets just find some other bizarre explanation for it."


Lets say they are right, isn't it still a rather bizarre connection of conincidences and historical action to be explained by random drug use.

Gives whole new meaning to the "Dude, where's my car?" kind of thinking.

Wes Ellis

I agree with both Derek and Friar Tuck. It seems like more of a stretch to say he was on drugs, than to say he had a miraculous vision, or at least a spiritual experience which would constitute the sort of descriptions we find in Scripture for these events. And tuck is right too, there's so much connection in these stories and there's so much redemptive activity going on that even if there are drugs involved, God must be involved as well.


Nothing like a little drug-induced encounter with the Almighty, 'eh. Unbeleivable. Where do they come up with this stuff. I especially likes the last statement. Seems Professor Shanon has been doing his own hands-on research...


Funny that the further away from history we get...the more enlightened we seem to get about it.

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