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March 11, 2008



Sounds interesting... I bought Brimlow's book about a year ago now i guess, and I found it so hard going that I never made it past chapter 4 (I think). Maybe I'll dig it out and try a reread with you guys...

Brad Thayer

My book is on the way. i'll hurry.


Emma, it would be great to have you be a part of the discussion, even if you're not necessarily reading the book. What did you think of the first three chapters of the book?


Yep def will try to join in the conversation. I did read the first 3/4 chapters about a year ago, so my memory may be a little hazy on content, but I remember being very challenged by it. It was tough going for me personally, some very heavy writing and I think the reason I set it aside was that I wanted to have time to think through it too, which I couldn't devote to it at the time. Definitely a book that requires processing and a lot of thought. Will be interesting to pick it up again... now I just need to dig it out, I have a feeling it may be at my house in Ireland and not my flat in Scotland!


When is the first Sunday we are starting?


Good timing. I'm going to be doing the initial post tonight... yesterday was crazy.


Excellent... I have just discovered that I lent my copy to a friend, should have it back in a few days time hopefully, so will join the conversation soon!

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