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April 07, 2008


ron cole

Mike, were holding you and your family in prayer. May the fog clear giving way to the path he's laid out for you, Hang in there brother, Peace, Ron Cole

Chris Marlow

praying for ya bro...



You are in my prayers.

Wes Ellis

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get it. But it's their loss and your gain. Now you can move on toward whatever it is that God is leading you into. I will pray for you.

Lars Rood

Mike- Just over a year ago I heard back from the place I thought was my dream job that they had picked another candidate. It was tough on me. I remember at the time being so frustrated. But, God knew exactly what he was doing when he moved us here to Texas. Our life here is perfect in every way for the stage we are in.

I'll keep praying that God would open up a door that you didn't even think existed. You have great gifts and a huge vision. Those things are incredibly valuable to many organizations. God just needs to match you up with the right one.

I'm sorry about the APU thing. Woody is a good friend and I would have liked that to work out for you. I'll keep my ears open and let you know of anything that I see could be a great fit for you.

Rhett Smith


Thanks for sharing. Was it a campus pastor position?

Just curious.

I hear you though. I have had some opportunities, but then realized they really didn't take me in the direction of my goals...rather they were just secure from a financial point of view, etc....felt comfortable.

The truly hard part seems to be in discerning the right direction in the midst of good opportunities.

I will be praying for your family.



I'm praying for you guys and for this time in your life. I'm praying for clarity and direction for you my friend. You're an amazing man of God and I know He's got something good in store for you. Keep your head up and your heart open. :) miss you guys!


Hi, Mike. I doubt you would have any idea who I am, but I had the opportunity of meeting you at YLI over the summer after hearing you speak. I was very impressed by the way. But I thought I'd share my thoughts, and how sorry I am. As a prospective APU student myself, I am very disappointed to hear that things are not going in the APU direction, and that most likely I may not get to know you and hear from you as often as I was hoping. I hope that all goes well with you, and that you still continue to help students the way that you helped me in only one talk at YLI. Thanks, and I'll definitely keep you in my prayers.

Bryan Ziebart


You met so many people I'm probably a vague face in the many if you have any recollection of meeting me at all. But I am Bryan, the Undergraduate Chapel Intern who would have been working with you next year.

Your leadership style and vision for APU walked hand in hand with the vision I had before coming on staff in the office of Chapel Programs.

I heard rumor of you not being accepted for the position and immediately I felt a heavy heart. I just wanted you to know that APU would have been blessed by you on staff but Yahweh knows the place and time for everyone and everything and despite my best wishes sometimes things do not work out.

I do hope we meet again in the future and you are certainly still in my prayers as you attempt to really find a place to lead, it's obvious you have the ability.

In Him,
Bryan Ziebart
Azusa Pacific University

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