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April 10, 2008



Did you notice who is giving this lecture?
Chuck Colson. Who would have thunk?


Chuck Colson at Q, right? I saw this on Scotts blog the other day and have been thinking about it a lot too.


Yes. indeed. I believe it is Chuck Colson. I'd be interested to see if it is actually a part of his presentation, or was from someone else's...

Anyway, I don't think I've see the idea of creation/restoration put as simply before.

john chandler

Wow. That is great...thanks for posting.


Came over from Bro. Maynard. Love the graphic....Brilliant! We are in the middle of the story.
(But I really think it's Drew Carey speaking.)


Also here from Bro Maynard's. I like this. Any telling of the J/X message that doesn't include original unity, and the hope of grand reunity, is indeed only part of the story. I'm tending to see Gen 1/2 and Jn 17 as bookends, with a lot of activity in the middle all pointing back to a single ideal. Not transient unity, not "our unity" vs. "their unity," but the mysterious, universal, grand unity of all things Jesus more than hints at in Jn17 - what Colson is calling restoration.

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