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May 19, 2008


robin dugall

I just read Dan's post...made me sick...that's all I can say! How much more trivialized can the Kingdom get and what a complete "sell out" to materialism...not primarily the money part but the whole idea that you have to see to believe...oh well, I guess when Jesus said something about people being blessed if they DIDN'T see yet believed, he never envisioned the park being built. Maybe Jesus just should have said, "yeah, it is good to believe without seeing now only because you are not living in the 21st century where you could see everything clearly for $50 admission fee".

Miss you too...isn't it interesting where we have ended up! I do admit though I would rather deal in the wine business than in death...unless it was "death by wine". that would work!

Love ya,

Derek Rishmawy

Well...they do show cartoon boobies.



I found you via Facebook. Love it here. Can't wait to swing by Amazing Grapes.
And thanks for posting a link to the foreskin issue... that's been frustrating me for years.

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