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July 20, 2008


Renee Hill

I came across your blog, so I thought I would say hi! Ok is Josh seriously that big already to even be thinking about high school? I can not even believe that! Ryan and I were just talking about your kids the other day... Ryan was saying "now that we have 2 kids of our own, the stories Mike used to tell about the kids aren't as crazy sounding." Ha, that is because we have a teenager living in side a almost 3 year old body and a bruiser of a one year old!!! Tell Jamie we say hi. All is well here... we live in Tennessee now! We too have entered into the blog world, so every one in CA can keep posted on the haps in the Hill Fam. web.mac.com/ryanpaulhill


So excited for Josh! Congrats!


capo cats are a joke. They have 20 plus kids on their teams and many get limited playing time. How do you get better when you dont play. Just cuz you dont play for the cats does not mean you wont make their team. If you are good enough to play high school baseball they will see you at the tryout and take you.


Ted, trust me I never said that you needed to play for the Cats to get on Capo's high school team. I completely agree with you that if you're good you'll make the team - but learning the system early doesn't hurt.

As for the squad, true that just over half of the team will see significant playing time, but the reality is that to learn how to grow as a player and earn playing time is valuable as that is the way it is from here on out. From what we've experienced so far, every kid gets a shot at learning, growing, and playing. The caliber of workouts and training is much better than a lot of other teams that are out there.

For us, at this time, this is good choice.


dont get me wrong they have great coaching its just alot of parents get involved for the wrong reasons and just think cuz they are on the cats you will make the team and vice versa. There are alot of cats players who would benefit from other teams where they would play more however. I looked at their 13 year old teams and there are 46 players for two teams, 26 on one of them...come on. My college team had 25 guys on it.


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