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July 23, 2008


Derek Rishmawy

That is why I am really excited about the next couple of books in Wright's Christian Origins and the Question of God series. The next two are "Paul and the Justice of God" which will finally be his big-daddy volume on Paul and "The Gospels and the Story of God" which looks at the Gospels as theologians in their own right. I am actually really excited to see what he does with John since he spent a lot of time on the Synoptics already in "Jesus and the Victory of God."

By the way, I'm reading J.D.G. Dunn's volume "The New Perspective on Paul" and I have to say that I think I might be more easily reconciled to his view on the whole more than Wright's reworking of the entire doctrine of Justification. It seems easier to reconcile with "the old perspective." I'm not sure though still.


If you can get your hands on Dunn's book - Jesus, Paul and the Law. It contains a lecture he gave entitled "The New Perspective on Paul," which was the first groundbreaking exploration of the New Perspective. In it he took the work of E.P. Sanders and applied it to various NT texts. It is a must read.

Derek Rishmawy

Yeah, actually this volume is about 500 pages of collected articles of his from different sources which includes that article. It also has an introductory 100 page article in which he summarizes and updates most of the developments in the conversation up until a couple of years ago. Actually, this volume is extremely useful.

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