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October 03, 2008



Good quote. I have been wondering about getting that book, but kind of feeling like it might be the same old thing all over again. Bell at times gets a little redundant and predictable for me.


i didn't know this was out yet. time to go to the bookstore.

i'm doing merch for a friends band (Sherwood) and we'll be in your next of the woods if you're interested. i'm not sure what the closest venue is...

LA at the troubadour on the 8th.
Anaheim at the chain reaction on the 10th
Visalia at 210 on the 24th.

Wes Ellis

Rob talks about Eucharist!?

WOW... now I know I need to read this book!

Derek Rishmawy

I read the book. Its pretty good. Actually, some parts of the book are easily the best stuff he's written. Some of it, not so much. I really enjoyed the read.

I will say this, probably the most interesting thing that happened for me in reading the book was prompting me to pick up a book called "Contours of Pauline Theology" by Tom Holland. They explicitly take a lot of stuff from his New Exodus reading of the New Testament. So, I bought it and I've read a little over 100 pages of the thing. Pretty interesting especially in light of my Paul class this semester with Dr. Losie.

If you haven't heard of the book, its probably worth your time. He deals with a lot of the stuff we've been interested in with Dunn, Wright, Second Temple Judaism and methodological stuff about how to properly relate Paul to the literature around him and his use of the Old Testament. Also, his proposal for Paul's work as a whole and for individual passages is really interesting. Also, you can download the entire book in pdf form online at his "Contours of Pauline Theology" website.

Anyways, have a good one.

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