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October 24, 2008


john chandler

Glad someone finds value in the quotes I post besides me. :) Don't know if we can call this Newbigin's latest though...it was published 23 years ago!

Derek Rishmawy

Newbigin is amazing. I read that book and its well worth the read. Even better though is one of his last books, "The Gospel in a Pluralist Society." It has most of the best stuff of "Foolishness to the Greeks", and more.

Even better than both though is Kevin J. Vanhoozer's "Drama of Doctrine:A Canonical-Linguistic Approach to Christian Theology" which addresses almost all the same issues in a fuller, richer way, and a host of others as well. It is a treasure-trove of stuff. I think I've recommended it like 3 times already on here and I probably won't stop until I see its orange cover on your "Readings" section. :)

But yeah, Newbigin is very fun.


John... alas my ignorance has been exposed! Sorry, I thought it was something new from Newbigin. [I'm pleasantly surprised you're reading something from 23 years ago! ;)]



I'm glad you chose to recommend the book again because I just added it (and the two Newbingin books) to my wishlist. :)

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