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November 04, 2008



Proof that if you can talk a good game and seem like a personable guy on the outside, and have more marketing money that anyone can has ever had, then even you can get elected President. You don't have to have ANY experience to fall back on or accomplish anything in your Senate time and most people will even turn a blind eye to your sketchy past. Oh well, I'm just glad it's over. Socialism and much heavier government control/regulation here we come. I still have very serious doubts that this "change" that we keep hearing about will be for the better. I hope I'm wrong.

At least it's over. I didn't like either of the candidates anyway.

Derek Rishmawy


I'd like you to know that for all I disagreed with you on the Obama thing, I'm going to (at least try) to start praying for him on a daily basis. I honestly do hope you're right. I'd like for him to be a good president who makes the country a better place.

In any case, I have to say its a blessing for me to know that "There is no straight line from the politics of this world, from the programs and policies in which we invest our energies, to the Kingdom of God." (Lesslie Newbigin, Signs Amid the Rubble) If that is the case then, no advance or retreat in the political arena of this or that agenda or idea is necessarily tied to the onset of the Kingdom of God. And that is blessing to know whether you're a Democrat or a Republican.

Blessings Mike.



Derek, I definitely hold to your Newbigin quote. If we find ourselves in places where our hope, or our despair for that matter, is tied to a political party, ideology, or a person, I think we become blinded to the true essence of the Kingdom. [On a side note - I've been shocked by how this advise has not been heeded by many Christians today. Some of the rhetoric coming from Christians has been unbelievable.]

I never felt that Obama was "the One" or the "Messiah" - and felt awkward about that kind of rhetoric. As an registered independent I voted for Obama because I felt that he addressed the larger issues of our day more clearly and with more vision for change. This is not to say that McCain would have been a bad president. I personally just felt now was the time for change.

In looking back I feel for McCain. I think he was dealt a very difficult hand. What I keep returning to is a sense of confusion from the McCain campaign. My sense is that he allowed the party handlers to alter who he was - and in the end I feel like his personability was lost somehow.

I may be wrong in all this and am willing to revisit it in the future. [It's just one person's opinion.]

You're right. Now is the time to get about the business of praying for our country, our government, and our president. We do indeed have a lot of work to do...

Derek Rishmawy

You're so right. I did feel bad for McCain. There was a lack of a coherent, over-arching philosophy to the campaign. Besides that, the political climate was just not right for any Republican, and Obama was a formidable candidate.

Beyond that, I'm glad all this Prop 8 stuff is over. I mean, the issue isn't done with, but at least the election's over.

Now my political self can go into hibernation again, hopefully become more sanctified until it comes back out again in a few years. And I can go back into my theological corner and read in peace. :)



Hi Mike.

I haven't really heard the rhetoric that you are referring to. I really looked at the presidential election as to who would be better for the country and my family long term. Regardless of who was running, whenever you add more government regulation, it concerns me. Granted, lack of government regulation hurt the markets this year (thanks to some of the people put in charge during the Clinton administration, but that's another story). Also, Obama is big into talking about raising taxes on Corporations among other taxes and I feel that all that is going to do is cause inflation (the businesses are going to have to make up the money somewhere and that is where the consumer will come in). I'm thinking that inflation and higher interest rates are on the way.

As a business owner, I felt that McCain's policies were more in line with helping me and my family out and that is really where my vote came down to. (I also knew that living in California, my presidential vote would mean nothing anyway since it was a given that Obama had California before this even started).

I really hope Obama is a great president and that my concerns don't come to fruition. My biggest worry was that he talks a good game but has no record to speak of. Does anybody really know what we are getting here? Can you honestly say that you know what he stands for besides just saying "change"? I don't think anybody does. Change could (and should) be a good thing, but it can also be a much worse thing too.

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