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January 19, 2009



I actually found this open letter very offensive. He wants to protect his children on one hand, but then he wants to use his children to pander to America and turn the papers of this country into a tabloid of his private life. Instead of loving his children and writing this letter privately, he just used his children to make points in the polls.

Generally I have a lot of respect for our president and even voted for him, but I thought this letter was the height of self-centeredness and tackiness.


I didn't read it that way at all. I saw it as a glimpse into the relationship he has with his daughters and his hope for the kind of world they will grow up in.

We don't know if it was written to be made public, or exactly how this letter came to light. I think we need to take it as face value - as a letter written to his daughters expressing his heart.


It was an open letter his people sent to the newspapers.

Derek Rishmawy

I wasn't gonna say anything on this one, but I kinda saw it more Friar Tuck's way. Now, I wasn't disgusted because it just seems like a normal politician thing to do. But, it does seem like a bit of a joke to say that the letter was written to his daughters. It did kind of seem like their names and references to them seemed more like a literary device rather than indicators of their being the primary recipients.

The other thing it reminded me of was the wailing wall prayer that was "leaked" accidentally. Although, at the time that one seemed worse somehow. Again, I'm not really disgusted or anything. I just think that it clearly wasn't written for just his daughters. Its a well-planned political move to arouse support. And he's gonna need all the support he can get because the Democrats in the House and Senate are already giving him trouble. We should all be praying for him.

On a lighter note: Thankfully Obama is already moving towards reversing anti-abortion policies through his executive orders by around Thursday. YES WE CAN!...help kill babies.

But seriously though, I will be praying for him.


I kind of felt it like Tuck and Derek. If it was really heartfelt and genuine, why leak it to the press. It comes across very fake. Call me a skeptic, but I'm still seeing the president as saying the right things (or trying to), but not really seeing anything behind what he's saying yet. Everyone is giving him so much credit but he has accomplished NOTHING in his political career yet. So far all talk and no ....

I still have hope, but not as much as many people do. It's appeared like everyone has been following him blindly (almost brainwashed or hypnotized). It's been really strange. I haven't drank the Kool-Aid so to speak. I do pray he does end up being a great president. We do really need one right now.

Derek Rishmawy

Okay, so I came across this random video of Jon Stewart analyzing Obama's speech yesterday and comparing it to Bush's. Its kinda funny...


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