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October 25, 2009


Lisa Terwilliger

Mike and jamie, David and I are so jealous, wish we were there with you two. I can't imagine how fun this will be for the two of you and your son with his friend. We are also very glad to know that you will be there....enjoy it for us and treasure it in your heart......Blessings to you and your family. David and Lisa Terwilliger

Brian Eberly

I was at that same show in 1984. Great show then ... Amazing show to night!! I watched the webcast on YouTube. Incredible! Wish I were there!


Humanity's Leap to The Golden Era:
Washington D.C Climate Change Conference.

Featured Speakers:
International Speakers will share new data on climate change, the current global food and water crises, the cause of global pandemics and innovative solutions. Be a part of this historic event to restore the planet's health. (Age 12+)

Dr. Stephen Schneider -Stanford University Professor of Environmental Biology and Global Change.
Dr. Michael Greger-Director of Animal Agriculture for the Humane Society of the US....
Ms. Maneka Gandhi-Internationally Renowned Politician and Environmentalist....and More!!!

Sunday November 08, 2009, 2pm-7pm

Grand Hyatt Washington. 1000 H Street, Washington, DC 20001

12 Noon: Climate Change and Golden Era Art Exhibit opens

12:30 PM: Conference Registration opens

1:45 PM: Conference Seating

2:00 PM: Live Conference begins

7:00 PM: Entertainment and Complementary Grand Buffet

Wes Ellis

So jealous! How was it?

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