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October 04, 2009


Steve Smith

I don't condone the use of guns or linking violance with sharing Christ, but is doing nothing better? Taking that first step of faith is the hardest. God will lead after that, won't he? I agree the "taking the hill" video is a little on the fringe, but what could happen if every church went to every home within one mile?


Trust me, my issue is not with evangelism per se, but with the metaphor and the imagery portrayed. My first thought was, "I wonder what this kind of imagery communicates to people we are trying to share the faith with? Is this the best possible picture we want to portray?"

Steve Smith

if i am selling a car do i list all the repairs i have had to do? does this say the car is a lemon or the car is in perfect running shape? i think the video was made for the students of the school. i dont think its in good taste in light of the war and possible negitive feelings toward it, but to a student this is a call to action. a call to make a difference in their community. i would "hope", i know that is a four letter word in todays society, that people "non-belivers" will see it as a means to an end for us. I mean, a way to light the fire under our butts! if you think about it depecting a war senario is what todays people can relate to most. they see or hear about it every day, so may be this will show them the resolve of the christian community to share there faith in Christ?

Steve Smith

Mike, I love your mind, and your deep passion for our Lord. we miss you and Jamie.

Steve and Kim


I think the McKnight post was great. Clear, charitable, challenging and right on.

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