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March 08, 2010


Derek Rishmawy

Well, considering his theological background...


Agreed. What breaks my heart is that some will just uncritically accept his rhetoric as theologically true. [Sigh.]


Wow. Just when I thought he had sunk as low as he could . . . that guy outdoes himself again.


**shaking head**

for real. i am going to be in real trouble soon. Whatever Glen says makes its way into my church at one point or another.

El PappaJ

There is a two drink minimum to watch the show, right?

Wes Ellis

Someone has tried to help him "nuance his thoughts and rhetoric" but his response is staggering.


Jim wallis talks about the situation at the beginning of this youtube clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL7NaCFF2ts&playnext_from=TL&videos=2cU_ZgTIYFc


Maybe you should listen to his entire speech. What he said was that churches who talk about social justice - LIKE JEREMIAH WRIGHT'S CHURCH - should think about leaving the congregation or at least get informed about what the church is teaching. He was talking about forced "charity" and handouts from the government.

He is in NO WAY insisting that helping out one's fellow man - like Jesus and the Disciples - is not what the church should teach.


Jen, as a matter of fact I have seen the entire discussion. While he does in fact begin with Jeremiah Wright's church as an example of a "social gospel," where he ends up is quite another place. As with much political punditry, he seems to careen away from his initial thoughts and wind up stating positions and making connections that are unfounded. The swift and unified response by many in the Christian community, across denominational and theological positions shows that his comments at best were misguided, and at worst, flat out ignorant.


Mike, I totally disagree with you. You are completely entitled to your opinion. He went out of his way on many occasions to make sure that people did not take he words out of context and try to say the he "hates Jesus", etc. Unfortunately, many people have just completely disregarded him as a fraud and a fake. I stick by him and what he said because he backs up everything he says. I am not blind to everything he says but I check it out for myself. To bad others cannot do the same.


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